Wood Floor Maintenance

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Wood Floor Maintenance

Wood floors are a beautiful natural choice for flooring, as well as being a very popular choice! As with any floor they do require maintenance to keep them looking fantastic. This is usually accomplished by dust mopping and occasional cleaning with a recommended cleaner. Once the Wood Floor dulls and scratches in the past the usual option has been to sand and refinish the Wood Floor. This is a very expensive and disruptive process with a lot of dust and vapors from the finish, usually causing the residents to leave the home for a few days. With many of the newer “engineered” wood floors this is not an option as they are “non-sandable” floors and once they are damaged there are limited remedies other than replacement.


I am happy to say that there is now an alternative to the past process of sanding and with regular maintenance it is likely that sanding and refinishing your Wood Floor may never be necessary! Magic Carpet is offering a Deep Cleaning / Re- Coating process that was developed for bowling alleys to reduce their maintenance costs and is now available to the residential homeowner. No dust, no harsh chemicals, no disruptive mess, by regularly maintaining your floor using this process we are able to keep your Wood Floors beautiful , healthy and protected for many years!! Keeping damaging grit and dirt off and keeping the finish coat replenished in wear areas your Wood Floors and Engineered Floors are maintained at a substantial savings avoiding costly complete re-finishing or premature replacement!


Hardwood floors increase your home’s value, so taking care of them and using the right wood floor cleaner is essential to maintaining your investment. Don’t trust them to just any cleaning service. We offer a free, in-home consultation.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning service that delivers Results for Pinellas County Residents!

Give your hardwood floors that “like new” glow. Call us today if you need your wood floors cleaned at 727-525-5194 and we’ll make your wood floors the way you want them, clean and fresh!!

Over time, dirt and wear breaks down the protective finish on your hardwood floors and leaves the wood vulnerable to damage. Also many products available now that are sold as suitable for maintaining wood floors are anything but, while they may look good for a short time, they then scratch, haze, flake, and your wood floors now look very bad. Regular professional wood floor cleaning can restore the original luster to your wood flooring and in most cases remove these harmful products restoring your wood floor to its original beauty. At Magic Carpet, we have the best wood floor cleaners, technical knowledge and years of experience to protect your investment and preserve that beautiful shine.

Our Wood Floor Cleaner & Wax Remover removes most stains and spills on hardwood floors, including:

  • Scuff marks
  • Wax build up
  • Rejuvenate Floor Finish
  • QuickShine Floor Cleaner
  • Tar
  • Orange Glo
  • Oil or grease

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Magic Carpet is owned and operated by Whitney Baker, a Master Cleaner and has been providing the Pinellas County area with outstanding service since 1995 ! With a focus on quality work and education in the field Magic Carpet offers solutions and value to cleaning and maintaining your home or office!!

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