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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Hand Woven, Hand Knotted, beautiful Oriental Rugs! Truly a treasure in any home. Oriental rugs are an art form all their own, with many traditional rugs still being hand woven in rural areas the same way they have been for hundreds of years. With proper care these testimonies to craftsmanship can and do last for hundreds of years, with some palace rugs over a thousand years old! Clean Carpets Here at Magic Carpet great care is taken to make sure that your oriental rugs are cleaned to the utmost quality and returned in beautiful condition. They are hand scrubbed after being treated with wool safe cleaning agents, dye locked when necessary to avoid dye bleed, hot water extraction rinsed, and flat dried. Other methods of cleaning, using immersion baths, ringers, and hanging, greatly increase the possibility of damage to the rug.

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People choose Magic Carpet Cleaning and Restoration for many reasons but mainly, Quality and Trust!

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Your Heirlooms Mean The World To Us

It is truly a pleasure to work on such wonderful and varied examples of Oriental Rug Art that our customers bring to us, and as you have pride in your Oriental Rugs, we have pride in the way that we care for them. So whether it is a local bought rug, a family heirloom, a purchase made on a foreign vacation, or any other means of acquirement, you can be confident that they will be treated as if they were our own, and returned fresh and looking as close to new as possible!

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Magic Carpet is owned and operated by Whitney Baker, a Certified Master Cleaner and has been providing the Pinellas County area with outstanding service since 1995 ! With a focus on quality work and education in the field Magic Carpet offers solutions and value to cleaning and maintaining your home or office!!

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We Provide a 100% Guaranteed, Ultimate Service Experience For Pinellas County Homeowners Who Insist On Getting EXACTLY What They Want From A Service Company