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Drys Fast! Maximum Soil Removal! Stays Clean Longer! Nothing feels like fresh, clean carpet! Here at Magic Carpet we use the latest developments in Equipment, Products and Education to provide you with the absolute best results! Using a very extensive deep cleaning process we are able to achieve outstanding results where others would have to walk away. We have many customers that say our cleaning is truly magic, and maintain carpets that are over 10 years old, with a few approaching 20 years!

Why choose us

People choose Magic Carpet Cleaning and Restoration for many reasons but mainly, Quality and Trust!

  • Certified Master Cleaner
  • Professional Service
  • Outstanding Customer Care
  • Quality
  • Trust
  • The Ultimate Service Experience!

The Magic Carpet Process

1. Pre-vacuum. The very important first step in particulate soil removal.
2. Pre-treatment of entire area to be cleaned to loosen embedded soil and stains. Including Special attention to spots and traffic patterns.
3. Enzyme deodorizer to remove odors at the carpet level.
4. Rotary jet extraction, where applicable, for maximum penetration providing the deepest, most thorough clean possible.(You Cant Agitate Carpet With a Rake!)
5. Rinse with high pressure, high temperature, super-suction, truck-mounted hot water extraction (the largest, most advanced system in the Tampa Bay area) to remove soil, stains, bacteria, fungus, and allergens that may be hiding in your carpet.
6. Application of textile neutralizers to remove residues, which keeps your carpet looking cleaner longer.
7. Dry Stroke and Raking to set pile and promote rapid drying.
8. Application of Scotchgard Protector at customers request.

Magic Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Services

Magic Carpet is owned and operated by Whitney Baker, a Master Cleaner and has been providing the Pinellas County area with outstanding service since 1995 ! With a focus on quality work and education in the field Magic Carpet offers solutions and value to cleaning and maintaining your home or office!!

What Are Our Clients Saying?

We Provide a 100% Guaranteed, Ultimate Service Experience For Pinellas County Homeowners Who Insist On Getting EXACTLY What They Want From A Service Company